Class Descriptions


These classes are suitable for all fitness levels and ages. During each session we take the body into different poses to release stress and tension, which in turn calms the mind to help you feel refreshed and relaxed. 

Boot Camp: 

The quick fix to tone and strengthen your body, these 30 minute classes work with the best exercises to raise your metabolism, burn off unwanted body fat and tone and strengthen your entire body. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Mindfulness & meditation: 

If there is one practice that can relax you better than sleep, this is it! Being in the moment can be achieved when the mind is restrained andemotions subdued. In this class,we work  with methods to help restrain the mind by directing our attention to the here and now, using mindfulness exercises. You will experience a state of calmness and peace that helps to bring the body and mind into homeostasis.

Breathwork & ice therapy:

This practice has the immediate effect of  uplifting your energy levels and mood.  The session begins with warm up exercises to bring us into a light sweat and helps us to embrace the cold more easily. Following the cold exposure, we warm up with more exercises and prepare ourselves for breath work and meditation.

Created by Steven Miller