Class Descriptions

Cardiotone & Tummy Trim

 This 1 hour class is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. The class begins with a gentle mobility workout to help loosen up tight joints and muscles. We then move into a pulse raising cardio fat burn, which will gradually elevate your heart rate to 50%. 

We progress into exercises to tone up and strengthen your legs/bum/arms/chest and back muscles (tummy tone exercises included). During the last 20-30 minutes of the class, we work with core development exercises to help improve spinal stabilization strength. 

These exercises should help to prevent back problems and improve your balance. We finish the class with some developmental stretches and relaxation exercises.

Fusion 30 Bootcamp

This 30 minute session is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. The class to go to if you like to exercise in the great outdoors! Held on the beautiful Minera Mountain, these sessions take place in a hill side garden with circuit training equipment to add variety and fun to your workout! Along with HIIT training, we use the best exercises to target all your muscle groups to be toned and strengthened, while helping to fix any muscular imbalances you may have. 

If the weather gets rough? No problem, an indoor studio is available for your training, with outstanding views over the Cheshire planes. 

Yoga with Steve

These classes are suitable for all fitness levels and ages. Enjoy a beautiful flow of sequenced movements to help get you feeling healthy, happy and strong. 

Each of the main poses is held for 3-5 breaths, helping you to find the correct bodily alignment for physical health, while enhancing states of inner peace and relaxation with body/mind connection. 

These classes also include self development with breath work, mindfulness and meditation to help dissolve away stress J

Created by Steven Miller